New Hair Colors, Dominator Weapon Set, and Classical Glider in the Gem Store!


Our daily sales continue to march on. Every day this month brings a new sale! We’ve negotiated with the Havoc’s Heir crew to remove the safety railings from their airship, and so today only we’re offering a discount on the Permanent Airship Pass as the newest gliding destination in central Tyria. We also have new items to accompany our daily deal. Enjoy a new glider, a new weapon set, and new hair colors!

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Classical Glider

Simple and elegant, this glider is best suited to those who favor extremely well crafted and practical things.

Dominator Weapon Set

This aggressive weapon makes an intimidating impression on the battlefield.

New Hair Colors

We’ve got brand new hair colors in every Total Makeover Kit and Self-Style Hair Kit. Reinvent yourself just before spring!





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