New in Hawken ! 2 Regions for Asia-Oceania – Aiming for those pings


Hawken is going to try it.  The pings were that inconsistent.  CapnJosh shared a chart showing some ping data by the various regions and cities.

Of course there are some further conclusions one can make about this data 🙂

The Sydney servers had significantly higher ping times on average.  That is being addressed first. The Hawken Team will also be watching for the “long tail” to become shorter focusing on an overall ping time improvement in the new Asia and Oceania regions.



The results of the survey concerning some of the options for the Asia-Oceania region can be seen below.  The 2 region solution will be the first that are attempted.


Obviously, the concern now is about critical mass of population.  The *much* better* solution will be to have the matchmaker consider ping times.  That would be fantastic from a systems management point of view as well – we would be able to just focus on getting servers in as many different locations as possible.  Until then, the Hawken Team will have to do the best they can with what they’ve got though.


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