Path of Exile: August Expansion Teaser Screenshot #1

Path of Exile prepared a teaser screenshot of some of the content in August’s expansion. They’ve purposefully left it vague and aren’t explaining what’s shown in the shot, but plenty of details will be released in six days! It’s really interesting seeing your speculation and theories.

That guy in the shot looks a lot like the one on the left of the new website skin, doesn’t he?

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The Countdown to the Next Expansion is On!

The deployment of patch 1.1.5d (patch notes here) has started a one-month countdown to the next major content release – the upcoming expansion in August. The Path of Exile Team have some great teaser screenshots planned for the next week, leading up to the grand reveal of the expansion’s name, theme, lore and features a week from now. They have a really full schedule of previews and updates over the next month, so remember to check the news every day!

The expansion will be released at 10am NZ time on Thursday, August 21.

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