Path Of Exile Patch 1.3.1 Update and New Bow Microtransactions!

While the Path of Exile team is working hard on Act 4,  and the rest of the team prepared a few updates for patch 1.3.1 which they’re expecting to deploy before the end of the week. It will include two new uniques items designed by the supporters, balance changes to Bloodlines mods, PvP skill and preconstructed character balance changes, and the Hall of the Grandmasters Map!

Details regarding the Hall of the Grandmasters map aren’t included in this post, however we will be making an in-depth news post regarding the development of Hall of the Grandmasters map on approximately Wednesday.

There are two new microtransactions for you bow-lovers out there, including a new bow skin and an alternate art effect for the Blink Arrow and Mirror Arrow skill gems!

They’ve received a lot of valuable feedback regarding the current Bloodlines league. With this in mind, they have made a few adjustments. Phylacteral Link will now occur less frequently and will no longer apply to devourers. The duration of the link has been increased so that players have more time to damage the target before the link shifts to the next enemy.

Packs with the Order of the Frozen Sky mod have had a slight increase to their per-monster-killed damage. They’ve also increased the damage of the Pulseblood mods, however these mods will now only appear on packs with ranged or caster-type monsters.

Bond of Chaos will no longer apply to monsters that are hidden. In addition to this, damage of this mod has been reduced , particularly in later difficulties.

A few other general balance changes were made also. For example, flask mods that remove status ailments will now also grant immunity to these status ailments for the duration of the flask charge. The Vengeance skill will no longer work with unarmed characters.

The POE Team is also pleased with the outcome of our first competitive PvP season. They’re excited for PvP Season Two and are looking to make it even better! With this and your feedback in mind they have examined the dominant builds and skills that were proving problematic for mid-tier PvP play and made some adjustments to PvP skills and the PvP Preconstructed characters.

In PvP matches, the damage of Spark and Split Arrow has been increased slightly. The damage of Tornado Shot, Molten Strike, Cyclone, Freeze Pulse, Support Trap and Cast When Damage Taken have been decreased.

They have updated items, mods and passive skills for pre-constructed characters to provide more balanced matches between them. Each class has had updates as to which skills they use. In addition they also added three-links to the items that are available to preconstructed.

This is only a selection of the changes in patch 1.3.1. Full patch notes will be available just before deployment.

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