Path of Exile Timeline for New Challenge Leagues, 1.3.0 PvP Update and PvP/Race Seasons

Chris’s news post today covers a preliminary timeline for when they’re planning the release of the 1.3.0 update, new challenge leagues and upcoming race/PvP seasons.

The following times are all in the Pacific Timezone (21 hours behind New Zealand).

Thursday November 20 (1pm): Beyond/Rampage challenge leagues end
Thursday November 20 (11pm): Race Season Nine ends
Monday November 24 (3pm?): Prizes awarded for Race Season Nine
Friday November 28 (5pm?): One-week Rampage/Beyond race starts
Friday December 5 (5pm?): One-week Rampage/Beyond race ends
Friday December 12 (5pm?): 1.3.0 Released and new Challenge Leagues start
Monday December 15: PvP Season One and Race Season Ten both start
December 20-21: PvP Season One Swiss Tournament Weekend 1
December 27-28: PvP Season One Swiss Tournament Weekend 2
January 3-4: PvP Season One Swiss Tournament Weekend 3
January 10-11: PvP Season One Swiss Tournament Weekend 4. Race Season Ten ends
January 17-18: PvP Season One Finals Weekend (for victors of the weekend swiss tournaments)
Around Monday January 19: PvP Season Two and Race Season Eleven both start


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