PSA: Burn Jita This Weekend! Recovery Giveaway (Burn Cream Not Included)


PSA: Burn Jita This Weekend! Recovery Giveaway (Burn Cream Not Included)

We’ll be covering Burn Jita on the show this weekend.  We’ll have it as part of the normal show but we’ll also have Jita Cams up and running the rest of the time watching the gates. You may already know what Burn Jita is.  But if not you will want to know!

Burn Jita is an annual event sponsored by the Goons.  This event causes huge losses by players in their freighters, industrials and other ships.  Commerce all but stops in Jita because it is very hard to get things in and out of the system.  

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FLY FREIGHTERS AND INDUSTRIALS INTO OR OUT OF JITA THIS WEEKEND.  You will be subject to attack.  Do not think that high security space can save you.  If you have commerce you need to get done in Jita or other trade hubs get it done before Thursday evening.  Burn Jita is scheduled to start at server up Friday. But the fact is that there will be a lot of people setting up for it and if they think you are an easy target they may take you out early.

The shows for the rest of the week will be for EVE except for Saturday morning for a few hours where we have a pre scheduled Crowfall event.  Feel free to stop by and ask questions about the event.

Also I want it to be known. I have no affiliation with the Goons.  But if you are stupid enough to fly a freighter into the system during the event I’ll be happy to show your explosions on the show.  🙂

Get in on this giveaway.  You may need it.  The giveaway is 500 PLEX and an Item Code that contains the golden pod.  You may want to show off the golden pod next time you get blown up! Or you may want to sell it for the billions of ISK is it worth.  Either way get in on it and we’ll draw this after the event to help someone recover after their losses. (Burn cream not included)

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