PVP Fleet Event: Cruiser Fleet with Markee Dragon


Ready to go out and catch some unsuspecting pilots?   New and old pilots are welcome to join us as we take our armor cruisers out and look for some fresh meat.   Base starting area is Jita and the lowsec system where we will start will be announced 30 minutes prior to fleet assembly.  All ships are welcome but we encourage you to bring your armor cruiser.  If you don’t have an armor cruiser bring what you do have that may be a good fit.


When: Saturday August  15th.  20:00 UTC (EVE Time), 4pm Eastern, 1pm Pacific

Where: Jita.  Lowsec assembly point for the fleet will be near by and will be announced on the live show 30 minutes prior.

Ships: Please bring your armor cruiser class ships.  Logi is also requested.  Especially for Markee Dragon as he currently has the number 1 bounty in the game of more than 201 billion.  Very prone to dying quickly *Smirk*.


The event (carnage and horror) will be broadcast live on Markee Dragon’s Twitch and YouTube channels.

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