Reminder: Join Markee Dragon This Saturday for Eve Online FUI (Flying Under the Influence)

Join Markee Dragon as they fly their ships with open containers.  Yes,that’s right we are going to drink and fly!

  This will be the third drunken roam they’ve done in EVE Online and they are always a lot of fun!

When: Saturday July 26th 4pm Eastern, 8pm UTC.  See the schedule here to convert it to your time zone.

Where: We’ll be meeting in the Arnon System.

What to Expect: It is recommend that you don’tfly anything you can not afford to lose.  The expectation of getting podded during this roam is very likely as a bunch of drunken pilots make a lovely target 🙂  If you should get podded just rejoin the fleet in a noob ship or anything else you can scrap together in a hurry.  We’ll be out looking for trouble.  Add alcohol and I’m sure we’ll find it.

Who’s Invited:  Everyone is invited. Noobs all the way to seasoned veterans.  If you are new to the game or want to try it.  You can get a new account or trial account here.  New players.  Feel free to join the channel “Airhogs” and the corp “Airhogs”.  They are a very friendly corp that can help you get started.

Communications: We’ll have hundreds of ships flying with us.  We’ll use TeamSpeak.  Our TeamSpeak server is located at  (Not a web address.  That is the server address.) Join us there to be able to hear the fleet commands live.  We’ll be flying together and in formation.  We’ll be live streaming this event.  But there will be a delay on the stream.  To stay with the group you’ll want to be on our TeamSpeak.

Live Broadcast: This will be live on Markee Dragon’s Twitch channel and YouTube Channel.  Twitch will be at 720p and YouTube will be at 1080p.  Can’t fly with us?  Feel free to watch live as the mayhem unfolds.

Video After the Event: Videos of the event will be posted to Markee Dragon’s Gameplay Channel starting the following day.   Want to see what a previous roam was like?  See the episodes here.

We hope you all can join us.  This is a fun event to celebrate the release of Crius and have a lot of fun!

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