Shards Online Kickstarter Kicks Things Up, Puts Backers in the Game

Starting week 2 of the Shards Online Kickstarter campaign off with a bang, we’re aiming to do some things that have never been done for an online game on Kickstarter. What makes us different from other Kickstarter game projects is that we have a fully playable build available now, and based on feedback from our fans and current backers, it’s time to lift the veil and prove that we really can deliver the concept we’ve been dreaming about. That means fans will be able to play Shards VERY soon.

Backers will now get the chance to play the game as soon as the campaign completes, they’ll receive 3 months of free subscription on top of their current pledge level, participate in live-streamed events during the campaign (like “Battle of the Backers” where backers are thrown into the game and fight to the death for prizes), and earn extra pledge dollars with our new referral program. AND we have a new Kickstarter video. Live events and playtests will start this week, and the referral program starts today. We’ve been busy, to say the least. Want in?

If you back us, you get to play the game in a matter of weeks. No waiting, no wondering if the game may never come out. This has NEVER been done before on Kickstarter for an online game. All backers ($20 and above pledge-level) will get a CD key when funding completes to participate in a series of pre-alpha playtests that will take for 2 weeks starting shortly after the campaign. Members of the Immortals Program get these 2 weeks and beyond.

Not only will you get to watch, but you will get a chance to play. All backers ($20 and above pledge-level) will get a chance to participate in live events in-game during the campaign that will be streamed live on Twitch. We will randomly select participants from the pool of backers for each event. Our first livestream will be Battle of the Backers and is happening this Saturday, May 24th at 4pm EDT. In this game-show style event, we will put backers head-to-head in the pre-alpha build in a last man standing fight to the death. There will be super sweet prizes for the victors. May the odds be ever in your favor.

All backers who receive a digital copy of the game ($20 and above pledge level) will get 3 months of the optional subscription IN ADDITION to the weeks promised by your reward tier. For example, now Sapphire backers will get 3.5 months and Ruby backers will get 4 full months of optional subscription. This offer is ONLY AVAILABLE at Kickstarter.

Starting today, for every new backer you recruit ($20 Sapphire level or higher), we’ll increase your pledge reward amount by $10 and both of you will receive special in-game rewards for being so awesome. In order to participate, you’ll need to be a Sapphire level or higher backer first. Here’s how it works:
●      When your friend, guildmate, dad, trained monkey, dog with opposable thumbs (or whoever) pledges on Kickstarter, they just have to send an email to with NEW RECRUIT in the subject line. The body should include your email address (the one you used for Kickstarter) and their email address. No email, no deal.
●      You can get as many recruitment bonuses as you can refer. Each will increase your pledge by $10.
●      Pledge increases will take effect when the campaign is successfully funded.
●      You and your recruits will receive 2 exclusive in-game rewards when the game goes live:
○      A custom recruit familiar – DUCKLINGS!
○      A special “Of A Feather” title, exclusive to recruits and recruiters

Check it out and get to backing at

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