Shroud of the Avatar Lunch… Er.. Launch Party Invite


The date is Tuesday March 27th 2018 3:30 pm UTC, 11:30 am Eastern and 8:30 am Pacific time zones when we will first step foot into Shroud of the Avatar Episode One.  Fully launched!


Now I’m sure you noticed the lunch part of the invite.  I’m sure you are thinking to yourself that you are hungry and you would love to stop by the party and get some free food.  Yes we are planning on “offering” some free food.


The party is at the town of Crossroads.

Look for the large tower across the river to find us.


Now back to this mention of lunch.  Please come to this event well fed. Fattened if you will.  Start right now eating all you can before you arrive. The lunch meal will be something very nice for those that will be eating.  Remember. Please EAT LOTS before you get here.


If perchance you are injured during the offering….  Er… Lunch. Don’t worry about it. We have good healers standing by.  We have a first aid station ready for your use. Don’t worry if anyone is in the way.  Just move them out of the way. I’m sure they will not mind.



We also will have some prizes at the party.  The “Markee Dragon Mask” as seen above can only be obtained by winning it on one of our live shows.  We will give away a couple of them on lunch day. I mean LAUNCH DAY!


Join us on Twitch for the giveaways.  Past broadcasts can be found on YouTube.


Last we have an excellent store giveaway as well!  This is worth over $200. Don’t forget to get in on the store giveaway for the free house and tax free plot of land!   You can get a free entry here.  One per person. Also any purchases from the store equal an additional entry.  


Also.  Have you been looking for a good guild?  Consider joining the “Lunar Dragons”. We have over 300 members and we have people online and playing 24×7.  All time zones are represented. Looks for the Lunar Dragons at the event and ask one how you can join. So join the guild or just join us for the party if you can.  We would love to play Shroud with you.

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