Smite Free God Rotation


Play as five new Gods for free every week! This week, access is granted to Osiris, Fenrir, Sylvanus, Poseidon, and Ullr.

  • Osiris, Broken god of the afterlife

    Often played as a ‘bruiser’, Osiris lends himself nicely to the Solo lane, but don’t be afraid to take him into the Jungle!

  • Fenrir, The Unbound

    Fenrir is known for his high burst damage and mobility and as such, lends himself nicely to the Jungle. Be careful of his ganks in your lane!

  • Sylvanus, Keeper of the Wild

    Equipped with a group heal as well as +MP5, Sylvanus has a lot of sustainability and is seen a lot in the Duo lane.

  • Poseidon, God of the Oceans

    With very high damage potential, Poseidon is one to watch out for, usually in the Middle lane. His whirlpool can create an unexpected obstacle.

  • Ullr, The Glorious One

    Ullr brings both his bow and dual axes to the battlefield making him a versatile Hunter, most likely seen in the Duo lane!

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