SMITE – God Reveal – Bastet, Goddess of Cats

Updated God: Bastet

  • General
    • Bastet’s visual presentation has been updated. This includes Loading Screen Art, 3D Model, Special FX, Voicepack and Animations.
    • NOTE: The Dominatrix, Golden and Legendary skins have been updated for the new model. However, the loading screen cards are not yet updated. These updates will come in a future release.
  • Pounce
    • Casting time (before Bastet left the ground) has been reduced from 0.3 to 0.15.
    • Removed a short delay after landing before the ability could be triggered again for a return pounce.
    • Removed return pounce impact fx.
  • Razor Claws (now Razor Whip)
    • Is now a swiping sequence for hits (left to right), rather than an instant in the cone.
    • Increased the cone angle from 45 to 70.
    • Changed the visual treatment, and renamed to Razor Whip.
  • Nine Tails (now Declaw)
    • Reduced the casting time from 0.66 to 0.3.
    • Changed the visual treatment, and renamed to Declaw.
  • Basic Attack
    • Bastet now has a basic attack hit progression of 1/0.7/1.3.

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