Smite Screenshot and Vine Contest Part 2


After going through the last screen shot and video contest we found that most screen shots and videos were not up to the standards we needed to select a winner. As such we have started the contest anew with higher prizing to help give incentive to players to get the best screen shots they can!
What we are looking for:

Big team fights, perfect ganks, Fire Giant/Gold Fury fights, Fire Giant/Gold Fury steals, fights for mid camps, big arena fights, Neutral Siege Minion kills/steals, and amazing fights in any game mode.
What we aren’t interested in:

Beauty shots of a single god or goddess, shots of the environments, or end of game lobby stats.
Four categories to win gems in! PC Screen shots, PC Videos, Xbox Screen shots, and Xbox Videos. Each category has its own winners for more chances to win!

– No UI (PC Only)
– PC and XboxOne
– Videos no longer than 12 seconds
– Submissions due by May 25th

– 1st – 800 gems
– 2nd – 600 gems
– 3rd – 400 gems
– Winners for each category

HINT: Turn off your UI by going into the HUD Editor and hiding all the UI. You can hit Reset to easily get your HUD back.

Submit your entries here:


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