SMITE Streamer Accolades

Ever wonder how your favorite SmiteGame streamer stacks up against the others? New monthly streamer accolades will let you know exactly that!

Every month the feedback viewers leave HERE is tallied and the top rated streamer for each category is rewarded a badge (or accolade) for their achievement.

The Accolades:

  • The Informer

    – The streamer that has been the most informative on issues and events within the Smite community.

  • The Moderator

    – The streamer with the best moderated chat.

  • The Sportsman

    – The streamer that has shown the best conduct, both in game and on stream.

  • The Educator

    – The streamer that does the best job of teaching players how to improve their Smite gameplay.

  • The Entertainer

    – The streamer that was the most fun to watch.

  • The Fashionista

    – Voted to be the best dressed and most put together streamer.

  • The Jokester

    – Voted to be the streamer with the best sense of humor.

How did your favorite streamer do? Check them out on!

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