Smite Warrior Weekend 5/22-5/25


The Warriors of SMITE are joining forces to celebrate Memorial Day. From May 22-25th, select Warrior skins and voice packs are 50% off on both PC and Xbox!

There will also be special Warrior Weekend Match of the Day queues:

Gladiator’s Glory

Take to the Colosseum and prove your worth against the other Warriors of the realm.

Date: 05/23
Map: Arena
Gods: Warriors Selection/All Pick


The pantheons are at war, and their strongest warriors now fight for dominance in a frantic brawl for Olympus.

Date: 05/24
Map: Conquest Cooldown Reduction: 80%
Infinite Mana
Gods: Warriors Selection/All Pick

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Skin Sale 5/26-5/28


                            Master Guan Fu, Metal Carnage Fenrir and Covert Ops Bastet are 50% off on both PC and Xbox! Only 600 Gems for all 3!

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