Suicidal Sisters of EVE – All Pilots Invited


Join us as we do something a little suicidal.  Join us Saturday March 14th 16:00 UTC, Noon Eastern at Apanake – VIII Moon 8 Sisters of EVE in your T1 hull frigate.   Yes you see that correctly.  We are running level for SOE missions in T1 hull frigates.  Suicidal?  Yes!

Who can join us?  Everyone!
Location: Apanake – VIII Moon 8 Sisters of EVE station.
Time: 16:00 EVE time Saturday March 14th.
Ships: Any T1 frigate hull that is non faction.  This includes those of you that wish to bring your battle ventures.  
Communications: Join the in game channel “chronicgamertv” for fleet invites and further communications information.

We expect that new players and veterans will die many times.   So prepare for this.  Bring out a few extra ships to the station for just in case.  We also will have a limited number of replacement ships available on hand near the mission areas if you are a newer player and need assistance replacing a lost ship during the missions.

All Streamers are invited to join us.  You will be able to watch the event on the following channels:

Chronic Gamer TV:
Markee Dragon:
STS Deserte:

Multitwitch links will be provided on the live shows.

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