The Crimson Harvest – Blood Raider Accelerator fixed and extra Skillpoints: Eve Online


CCP Phantom updated the Eve Online Community with the following :

As part of the time limited Crimson Harvest from October 20 to November 2 you have the chance to find attribute boosters that accelerate your skilltraining for a short amount of time. There was an issue with those boosters not working properly, but that issue has been fixed now.

The Blood Raider Accelerator and the Improved Blood Raider Accelerator are now, after the server downtime on October 21, working correctly and according to the design specification:

  • The Blood Raider Cerebral Accelerator will increase all attributes by 10 points for 24 hours.
  • The Advanced Blood Raider Cerebral Accelerator will increase all attributes by 12 points for 24 hours.

Thanking you for your initial efforts against the gruesome Blood Raiders despite issues with the attribute boosters, we will update your characters over the course of the following days with 21.600 unallocated skill points (only those characters who had injected either one of those boosters will receive those skillpoints).

Please note: In order to apply the booster effects you have to pause and apply again your skill queue.

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