The Elder Scrolls Online: Battlemaster’s Corner – The Storm Conduit

What happens when you cross a lightning-wielding Sorcerer with giant two-handers and full plate? Find out in today’s player build.

A well-trained warrior in heavy armor can be intimidating enough on the battlefield, charging into the fray and ignoring all but the mightiest blows. Now imagine that warrior clothed in a mantle of lightning, the smell of ozone and sharp crackle of the storm’s fury combining with the cries of enemies fleeing in terror. Electrifying, right? Sorry, we couldn’t help it. Today’s build, submitted by Cole Schnitzer, will show you how to turn your Sorcerer into a fully-armored master of the storm.

Enjoy, and email your own build and screenshot to us at!


This is a build that I use on my High Elf Sorcerer named Alenric. I made the character with the intent to show a friend of mine that a mage can be effective even if they are not wearing robes. Alenric wears heavy armor and wields a massive two handed sword. He uses the giant two-hander as a lightning rod of sorts to superpower his attacks. However, because he is a storm-calling mage, even baddies at range can’t escape his statically-charged fury.

Check it out here!


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