This Saturday: The Final Weekend of EVE Online’s Alliance Tournament XIII


The final weekend of the Alliance Tournament XIII has come to New Eden and will be broadcast, live and for free, from the studio in Iceland via the CCP Twitch channel . The action starts at 15:50pm BST Saturday and Sunday, and ends at 22:10pm and 21:40pm respectively.

Expert player commentators will join alongside EVE Online developers to host the action, with interspersed humor, interviews, player-made commercials, and more. The Twitch chat will be full of developers as well as the greatest community in all of gaming—the capsuleers of EVE Online.

Many of the top alliances of New Eden have mustering their highly trained fleets, some of which have been practicing for months. Flying ships out of their own hangars, they’ve risking everything for glory and riches in brutal matches where losses are felt dearly. There have been many duels so far over the past two weekends and some really amazing tactics as well.

On the line? A lot of bragging rights of course, but also unique tournament ships (the Fiend and the Imp from Sansha’s Nation), winning teams being immortalized on the Alliance Tournament Cup, reward medals, and a whole lot of PLEX, which can be converted into gametime or sold for in-game currency.

If you are just getting into EVE or curious about it, the Alliance Tournament provides a great intro to some of the small gang PvP tactics used by the best pilots in EVE, as well as an interesting backdrop of the larger Alliance metagame.

If you are a savvy veteran, the matches are due to have the traditional hilarity and drama and propagandistic trashtalking, as well as the good old exploding spaceships you have come to love.

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