Upwell Consortium Research Component Acquisition to Conclude Midnight


FD-MLJ, Syndicate – Special Accounts Manager Lee Brinalle has announced that the Upwell Consortium’s “First Citadels” research component program will come to an end at midnight this evening, YC118.09.02.

“I want to thank all those that have contributed and I’m delighted that we will be awarding Astrahus-class citadel BPCs to five participants when we make the final count and carry out the prize draw. Not to mention that stylish Upwell spacewear! However, there is still time for one last push to complete the capsuleer portion of this effort with enough components to justify our awarding the first Fortizar-class BPC to a lucky winner.”

Ms Brinalle noted that the progress at the prototype sites was sure to be remarkable with all research components collected. “We also anticipate greater interest from the wider financial and industrial community of New Eden, having demonstrated only a small part of the potential that will be unlocked by the citadels product line.”

“Once again, thanks to all who have taken part and please continue your efforts in the hours leading up to midnight, when we will cease taking contracts for the research components.”

As announced by the Upwell Consortium, if you’ve been diligently collecting Research Components from the Serpentis to return to the Upwell Consortium make sure you contract them in to Lee Brinalle by 23:59 UTC on February 9, 2016. Any Research Components in contracts created after this time will not be accepted.

While most of the prizes in the draw have been unlocked, there is still a Fortizar Citadel BPC remaining to be acquired. If you want to have a chance to win one, keep submitting those Research Components.

The draw results will be announced before the end of February.


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