Watch the Next The Elder Scrolls Online Live Episode on 9/26 – Today!

Find out what you’ll see in today’s episode. Some great segments are planned!

You may have watched the premiere episode of ESO Live, our new biweekly livestream, a few weeks ago. We’ve been really pleased to see your responses to and feedback about the stream, and it will just keep getting better. If you missed the first show, you can check out the full episode right here to see developer interviews, a Let’s Play, and tons of other fun features.

This week, the livestream returns with even more great programming. Here’s the full schedule for the next episode on twitch today at 4:00 PM EDT:

  • Fan creation showcase featuring Principal Figure Artist Tatiana Malinko
  • Recap of the most recent ESO news
  • Upcoming events organized by fans
  • Interview with UI Designer Chris Strasz
  • Sneak peek at upcoming ESO merchandise
  • Hot topic discussion featuring Lead PvP Designer Brian Wheeler
  • Live developer Let’s Play of Dragonstar Arena
  • More Tamrielic pronunciations
  • Giveaways throughout the show!

They’ve packed a lot of great stuff into tomorrow’s episode, so we hope you’ll join in the fun live. If you can’t make it, don’t worry—we’ll continue to upload the full episodes for convenient viewing. Enjoy the show!

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