We’re Hiring – Customer Service


We are looking for the following skills.
   * Customer service experience
   * Excellent problem solving abilities
   * Good writing skills.
   * Good verbal communication skills.
   * Good skills reading, writing and talking English.  English as a first language is not required but good command of it is.
   * Stable Internet connection.
   * You must be a gamer.  If you do not play MMOs please do not apply.  You must have a fundamental knowledge of how to play MMOs and how they work.  If you have played WoW, EVE or even old school UO or Runescape you know these fundamentals.
* You must know how to post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Ability to use social sites helping us manage our pages is essential.


Bonus Skills
* Multiple languages
* Good knowledge of Shroud of the Avatar and it’s items.
* Ability to patch Shroud of the Avatar in 30 minutes or less.
* Experience in EVE, Crowfall or other games we support.
* Knowledge of how to post videos to YouTube.  Video editing abilities is also a plus.
* Graphics editing


Other information:
* This is a full time position.  Will be 5 8 hours shifts or 4 10 hour shifts. This will include working weekends.
* The position being filled is going to be graveyard UTC.  Starting at around 20:00 UTC. We hire from all over the world. Please take this into consideration depending on where you live in the world.

If you are interested in working for us. Please send your Resume or CV to managers@markeedragon.com .  Please include why you would like to work for us and what talents you could bring to the table for us. If you have applied to us in the past.  Please mention this. Those who have applied more than once will be looked at first.

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