WildStar Crafting: Trading Confirmed

WildStar developers have released more information on crafting at a round table event, stating that they intend for player-driven item creation to allow player trading as much as possible. Carbine’s Phillip Chan, the economics director for WildStar was able to elaborate on the intent of the game, saying, “We want our economy to be fluid, we want it to move, we want it to be diverse. And in order to do that we have to allow player to player trading. We would like to make that as wide as possible… We want our economy to work which requires us to allow player to player trading, especially crafted things.”

More good news for players who don’t intend to spend all day at their workbench – the team also stated that they, “don’t want crafting to be an island, we’ve [implemented] crafting into all the different areas of the game.” This mix of crafting and PvE content will have players embarking on quests based on randomized objectives, to prevent the feeling of grinding for the same item over and over again. While there will still be content for the dedicated crafter, Chan stated that as a whole, he wanted players to be able to run dungeons, raids, or even participate in PvP, and then craft items which can be sold to other players. This will allow players to provide themselves and their allies with the tools to improve their gameplay, all by doing the things that are inherently fun about the game. Good news for those looking for the full immersive effect that Nexus will attempt to offer.

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