WildStar Guild Format Confirmed

The NCSoft MMO project WildStar has confirmed that there will be guilds in the game, to the delight of the majority of interested players.

The team has outlined the inclusion of expected features, such as the ability to set permissions on players for removing and placing items in a guild vault, as well as customizable ranks. This includes the option to rename tabs and set a tax rate for members.

WildStar developers have not only outlined the benefits of being in a guild, they have stated that there will be incentives for guild players to actually play together. Guild players will be able to earn Influence points by conducting raids together, pvping, killing creatures, and questing. The Influence points can then be spent on perks, such as unlocks (bank vaults or player summoning), consumable items, or even buffs that affect the entire guild.

The developers have stated that it is their intent that small, tight knit guilds be able to accomplish more than larger guilds with players that do not interact with each other. The Influence system is an interesting innovation, which could change the way player groupings work in the upcoming MMO. If successful, it could be interesting to see if other games implement similar mechanics to follow suit.

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